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Advex Marine & Industrial Group


The Marine & Industrial group at Advex Corporation has worked with several Department of Defense organizations, such as the US Navy, Naval Undersea Warfare Center, Naval Surface Warfare Center, and Office of Naval Research, and the US Army. We have also completed several projects for other Government entities such as NASA, NOAA and the US Coast Guard.

Our Marine and Industrial group has also accomplished many projects for private shipyards and alteration and installation (AIT) companies for shipboard installations and repair type projects for Antenna/Radar Platforms, Ventilation Installs, Habitability Modifications, Structural Repairs/Modifications, Piping Installations, and Mechanical Equipment Installation and Repair.


 >  Valve, Pump, and Deck Equipment Repair/Overhaul/Installation

 >  Habitability Alteration/Installations

 >  Ventilation Manufacture and Installation

 >  Structural Fabrication and Installation

 >  Piping Fabrication, Installation and Testing

 >  Complex Mechanical System Manufacture and Testing



 >  Stud Welding

Welding Processes

 >  NAVSEA Tech Pub 248

 >  NAVSEA Tech Pub 278

 >  NAVSEA Tech Pub 1688

 >  AWS D1.1

 >  ASME Division II

 >  MIL-STD-1689A

 >  Lloyd's Register Rules

 >  ABS Rules

 >  PPD 802-7094539 Rev. D

Fabrication/Welding Standards Utilized

 >  HY-100/HY-80

 >  High Strength Low Alloy (HSLA-65/HSLA-80/HSLA-100)

 >  Nickel Alloys (Copper Nickel, Monel 400)

 >  Stainless Steels (304, 316, 321, 347)

 >  Aluminum Alloys (5000 series and 6000 series)

 >  Standard Steels such as ABS and A-36

 >  Inconel 

Materials Worked

Advex Major Equipment List
Gantry Bridge at NASA-LaRC
36" Vacuum Pipe Installation at NASA-LaRC
Radar Platform on Aircraft Carrier
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